New Hope Community Ministries is the only organization of its kind in Prospect Park and Haledon, NJ. Situated on the border of Paterson, more than one in ten of Prospect Park and Haledon’s residents live below the poverty line. Since 2005, we’ve offered professional counseling, mentoring, parenting classes, couples’ enrichment, immigration clinics and assistance, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, an emotional support group now with 40 women (“Women of Hope”), and social groups for children and teens. We host a low-cost Christmas Market and Back-to-School Supply Depot (with free backpacks) for program participants. Throughout the year, our food pantry provides five extra meals a month to more than 700 residents. New Hope’s mission is “Through the love of Christ, we build restorative relationships with individuals and families in our community, empowering them to move from crisis to self-sufficiency. We unconditionally serve and lovingly accept anyone and everyone who comes through our door, regardless of faith, ethnicity, or gender.

Thank you for reading this. P.P.F.S is going to be donating to the New Hope Community Ministries to help them with their cause in helping individuals and families. You can follow the link on the bottom:

All we ask of you is to file your income tax return with us, the more returns we file the larger our donation can be. Please come in and file with us and let’s help for a great cause!